Creating Value For You

Gourmet Meal


Per user per meal

Our system reduces total costs per meal per user by £0.11. This is based on the average catering cost per meal of £1.75-£1.85.

School Building


Saved per year at a secondary school

The average UK secondary school contains 948 pupils, 150 staff and operates for 190 days each year. This creates a saving of £120 per day and £23,000 per year, based on savings found in university halls.

University Building


Saved per year at a university catered hall

The average university catered hall contains 330 pupils for 32 weeks each year of which the average university has five halls. They are typically supplied with 18 meals a week which generates yearly savings of £104,500.

Our Services

KnoWaste is a data-driven food waste reduction service for the catering sector. Our technology is designed for closed-catering canteens, including university catered halls, schools, catered offices, hospitals, cruise ships and oil rigs. 

If this is you, start here and find out more about how KnoWaste can add value to your business. 

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Cut your overproduction waste

Receive real-time data from your customers allowing you to know exactly how many meals you need to make and when.


Save your chef's time / increase efficiency

At KnoWaste, we don't just want to cut your waste and save you money, we want to make your life easier too. That's why our technology lets you know exactly what you need to order.  You can count on us to be timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied every step of the way.


Reduce plate waste / improve engagement / increase satisfaction

At KnoWaste we want to create a more sustainable future. We want to change the system.  That's why our menus, using gamification and visualisation techniques, work to encourage behaviour change in our users. We don't want all the work in cutting waste to go on behind the scenes, we know that for true change we need to work together.